A few words from ProTrac customers

ProTrac has taken the manual process out of our referral tracking saving research hours and money. They worked with us and our individual products requests to match what we needed for our end result. This process is so simple that all new employees can review and easily use our ProTrac software without in person training.


Before ProTrac, we were sending referrals through email without tracking them. Since implementing ProTrac are referrals have increased 120% and sales have grown. Implementation took less than a week and after one virtual training session, all staff was able to use the system efficiently.


ProTrac is simple and easy to use referral system that has shown results in communication and accountability of staff! We previously did not have a referral program and since implementing ProTrac our referrals have increased substantially.


Previously to implementing ProTrac, our staff was sending referrals through email and not tracking follow-ups.  Now that we have ProTrac, we have seen a huge increase in amount of referrals and sales from those referrals. We can also manage our referral process with minimal effort.  ProTrac has gave us the opportunity to help our customers with more products and have a simple referral program.

Case Study

Citizen State Bank Goes From No Referral Tracking to These Results within 6 months

619 New Referrals                                          
250 New Products Sold                                
261 Referrals Pending Outcome
108 Referrals with no sale

$6,664,000 Mortgages
$2,431,000  Personal Deposit Accounts
$2,840,200 Business Deposit Accounts
$3,971,000  Business Loans